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The Ultimate Guide To Camelbak Octane Hydration Pack
10 months ago

The Camelbak Octane Hydration Pack is a handy outdoor gear. Imagine yourself running, trekking, or biking and you become so thirsty that you stop and grab your bottle to rehydrate. You then realize that you have wasted so much time just staying for water several times.


With a hydration pack, you can move faster while getting convenient sips of water. You can even grab a nutrition bar or a small camera from the bag without making some unnecessary stops.

Water is a basic human need and Camelbak, a company dedicated to satisfying this need, does its best at taking care of every biker, hiker, or sports enthusiast while in action.


The birth of the hydration pack began in 1988 when biker Michael Edison came up with a brilliant idea –putting water in an IV bag and attaching a hose that runs all the way up to his shoulder and mouth, stuffing the IV bag into a sock, and putting the sock securely on his back. The Camelbak Octane Hydration Pack began its existence when Camelbak hired Jeff Wemmer who sold the then “strange” packs during races.

What began as an IV bag turned out to be an excellent future for Camelbak and many outdoor enthusiasts. Today, Camelbak is a trusted brand for hydration solutions for outdoor activities. With the product such as the Octane Hydration pack, it has impressed thousands of athlete and outdoor loving individuals.


The Octane, XCT 100 oz hydration pack, is a simple gear which is, without doubt, a brilliant utility in an exceptional modern build. Camelbak Octane Hydration Pack has all the features you need for a trouble-free trek or ride.


Camelbak Octane Hydration Pack Review


It comes with an independent suspension harness and back panel with air channels. Both are strategically combined to provide well-ventilated support and stability you need while running or biking. Its torso length is fifteen inches (38 cm). Other features include a lightweight tape belt that comes with a cargo pocket. Made with ultra-light materials, the Camelbak Octane Hydration Pack is also stylish with its back and front reflectivity.


It comes in three different color mixes –black/gray, red/gray, and lime/graphite. You should not be fooled by the weight of this pack because it has so much to offer. With the waist belt pockets, you can also put small items like energy bars, your cellular phone keys, toolkit, your trail map, and even a little beer bottle. The middle of the pack also comes with extra storage.


The back part has an elastic strap system which can be used to bring extra clothing. Unlike other hydration packs, this one does not ride up or bounce while riding your bike or running.


This is because the Camelbak Octane Hydration Pack has a chest harness and waist belt that can snugly allow the pack to be closer to the body thus preventing unnecessary pack movement. The chest harness is very efficient because its sides are linked to a healthy track just on the shoulder straps allowing the harness to be easily adjusted.


Any hydration pack cannot be complete with a state of the art reservoir. The Octane XCT comes with the Antidote reservoir. It is equipped with a 100-ounce reservoir with a Quicklink System called the Antidote reservoir offering ready to use the hydration system. The pack can accommodate over two hundred cubic inches (3.28 liters) of load capacity. The low profile Antidote is well equipped for an ultimate adventure.


It has the Quick Link System, Lightweight fill port, Quick-seal cap, dryer arms, center baffling, HydroGuard technology, Big Bite Valve, PureFlow Tube, and a full mouth opening that is so easy to clean. The Quick Link is a customizable hydration technology system that allows you to maximize and optimize performance and intake.


Indeed the Camelbak Octane Hydration Pack is so light that you will forget wearing it. This pack was specially designed for biking it works well for other sports too. When you use this pack, you can experience first what it feels like to be biking without the hassle of bringing bottles of water. You will realize the wonder of a lightweight backpack that offers you total hydration.

At an affordable price, the Octane XCT can be a grand bargain. With it, you no longer have to buy heavy bottles of water and an extra small bag for your little essentials. It is an all-in-one innovative gear that proves to be very efficient, practical, and affordable.


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